Mike Smuts December 21, 2018 Uncategorized no responses

London has arguably been the main driving force of the UK property market, with Brexit playing its part annual growth has been rising but at a slower rate over the course of this year whilst in other parts of the UK the rate of house price growth in the midlands and North East of England has been nothing short of impressive

Currently it is a buyers market where more deals are being negotiated, for those investors trying to second guess the market with the intention of purchasing at an even lower level many are finding values in some developments, areas and certain types of properties are still holding their values and in instances increasing as the demand for those types of properties have not wavered.

In London average prices have climbed 41% since 2013 rising from £331,338 to £468,544 from looking latest house price data from Nationwide which is a new all-time high.

Investors who hold there nerve a midst economic and political upheavals are still likely to come out on top.

While UK housing has always been a great investment over time returns can be increased with careful property selection, identifying regional trends and areas of rental yield strength.

UK property has a proven track record of returns it is extremely tempting it is to think prices are unsustainable but the level of demand for housing in Britain makes property one of the most attractive asset classes on a continued basis.

Those investors who pulled out between April 2007 and April 2013 after the fallout of the global financial crisis, only for growth to recover in the years that followed, know they had missed out for acting on impulse and abandoning property altogether.

Fundamentals in regards to successful property investing has always remained the same. The market rewards those who remain level-headed, diversify their portfolios and do their research.