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In the course of five years, the cost of a first-time purchase in London has increased by an average of 67%, with a few areas in the capital seeing more considerable increases.

According to the latest analysis from Lloyds Bank, over the past five years, first-time buyer house prices in London boroughs have risen most rapidly in Waltham Forest, increasing by 93% from an average of £212,629 in 2012 to £409,491 in 2017.

Recently released analysis from Lloyds Bank detailed, in the course of 5 years years, first-time purchaser house prices in London have risen most quickly in Waltham Forest, expanding by 93% from a normal of £212,629 in 2012 to £409,491 in 2017.

Other Key Findings

  • The next biggest increase was in the London Borough of Newham (92% to £359,212)
  • Third was Greenwich (91% to £382,945)
  • It was interesting to note that all Three adjoining boroughs had an average price well below the London average 5 years ago
  • London average as a whole was 67%