Research Reports

Our focus is the safety of our clients investments, achieved through comprehensive due diligence and coordination of the legal, technical, accounting and environmental due diligence.

We also conduct accompanied site visits and inform you of any plans for the surrounding area such as local regeneration projects and any other factors, which could potentially influence the value of the property now or in the future.


Buying a property as an investment will require a substantial amount of your own funds and therefore it is essential that any investment is thoroughly researched prior to committing.

A thorough due diligence report will assist you in making a more informed investment decision and reduce risk to your investment.

What should a good due diligence report provide?

  • Highlight any risks, benefits or influencing factors that may affect the property price now or in the future.
  • Help you fit your investment strategy alongside your circumstances and lifestyle enabling you to feel comfortable with your investment in order to manage any on-going costs and changes effectively.

What are the factors influencing property due diligence?

Initial outlay and on-going costs

Investment cash flow will give you a better idea of the cost required to ensure the investments are line with your financial circumstances. All Smuts & Taylor’s investment opportunities are cash flowed and further information can be found by clicking here.   


Location, location, location, this is one of the most important factors of property investment, which directly influences rental yields and return on investment.

At Smuts & Taylor, all our investors are provided with a detailed due diligence report of the property and surrounding areas highlighting both risk and benefits.

We also offer accompanied personal site visits and tours of the surrounding area highlighting anything that could influence the property price now or in the future.

What will Smuts & Taylor’s due diligence consider?

Capital Value

We will compare our investment opportunities to similar properties in the area and provide details on anything directly comparable. All our opportunities are discounted to reflect true market value, be it off plan or build complete.

Our in house Lettings department will be on hand to answer any questions with regards to the renting of your property to ensure your investment is let out quickly.


Smuts & Taylor source properties in areas with established infrastructure such as good transport links and corporate companies. We also focus our search on areas with strong signs of future capital growth, for example areas with future plans for regeneration or transport links to reduce journey times to other key locations.

Local Amenities

The locality of shopping facilities, entertainment and excellent schools will also be taken into account as these are high demand areas. Smuts & Taylor will also investigate any planned investments in the area by the local council which can highlight areas for future capital growth.