Even experienced landlords will say that managing a property can be a time consuming job. One you could probably do without, particularly if you already have a full time job, family or live overseas.

Full Management Service

Our management team will take care of every aspect of letting your property.

From ensuring annual safety inspections are completed to everyday maintence, it’s a solution for complete peace of mind. Tenants will also choose to remain in properties for longer when it is managed by a professional agent. Furthermore, corporate tenants often insist that the property is professionally managed.

Our complete service includes:

  • No tenant contact required
  • Excellent property manager to property ratio
  • Repairs carried out by vetted tradesmen at competitive rates
  • Annual safety tests arranged
  • Deposit claims negotiated
  • Annual inspections
  • Up to date market values provided at time of renewals

Deposit Deduction Negotiations

As your managing agent, we put a useful distance between you and your tenant whilst negotiations are carried out by us on your behalf. Our goal is to manage this process in the most effective and efficient way providing you with a smooth amicable synergy throughout tenancy negotiations.

Annual Inspections

As your eyes and ears during the tenancy, we undertake an inspection each year.

Safety Regulations

As government bodies and industry regulators tighten the reins on safety requirements, you can be assured that our team is on hand to advise on current safety regulations.

Value for Money

Our property managers ensure that value for money is offered at every stage. Many tradesmen charge our clients at rates below those available to members of the general public.

Qualified Tradesmen

Contractors engaged on your behalf will need to meet strict quality control criteria covering everything from trade qualifications right through to adequate liability insurance.