To let any property there are arrangements that you will need to have in place. Below is a check list of these items.

Consents to Let

If your property is subject to a mortgage, your mortgage provider must consent to the rental. If you have a corporate tenant, this will need to be in writing.

In addition, if your property is leasehold you will need permission from the freeholder. This can usually be obtained from the managing agent of the building.


It is vital that you protect yourself, your property and your contents with the right insurance products. We can provide information on insurance policies.


You will need to provide the tenants with the equivalent of one set of keys for every bedroom in the property, plus a spare set for the tenants.

If the property is to be managed by Smuts & Taylor, a further set of keys will need to be held in our local branch.


Make a copy of any manuals or guides for your property and leave a copy for the tenants.

Professional Cleaning

Prior to occupation, all properties should be professionally cleaned. When the property is returned, the tenant is expected to do the same. Any outside space should also be left in seasonal good order.

Sundry Maintenance

Where applicable, any chimneys should be swept and oil fired boilers should be serviced and tanks filled (with instructions on how to check on fuel levels and how to order more). LPG bottles should be full as well. Please also ensure that every light bulb is working and that everything is in good working order in any associated buildings.

Utility Bills

We will assist the tenant in changing the bills over to their own name, but it is imperative that you speak to your suppliers confirming the new tenant will take over the bills.

Inventory Check In & Check Out

We will happily arrange one of our approved inventory clerks to create a professional inventory for your property. This lists the contents of the property and the condition of its fixtures and fittings. On the day of move in, we will also arrange a check-in, which ensures that there is an accurate recording of the condition of the property when possession is granted to the tenant.

If we manage your property, we will also arrange a check-out on the last day of the tenancy to record the property condition in its final state.

Please note that professional inventory documents are a necessity in the event of any possible future claims against the tenant’s deposit, particularly if you need to rely on adjudication.

Safety Documentation Recommendations

  • If your property has a gas supply, you will need to provide a valid Land- lord’s Gas Safety Record every year.
  • To ensure electrical safety, we recommend that a portable appliance test (PAT) is completed every year.
  • We recommend a fixed wiring test at 5 yearly intervals.
  • You must provide an Energy Performance Certificate for each property you wish to let. An EPC lasts for 10 years.
  • All relevant furniture/ furnishings must comply with fire regulations.
  • Smoke detectors should be installed on each storey and tested on the day the tenancy starts.
  • Carbon monoxide alarms should be installed in rooms containing gas appliances, solid fuel stoves/ fires and through which a flue runs.
  • A legionella assessment would need to be carried out every year.